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How Can Using Flowster Accelerate Your Business Growth?

Increase the Efficiency, Profitability, and Value of Your Company

Optimize Execution

Playbooks (Standard Operating Procedures) are the lifeblood of today's most successful organizations. Effective Playbooks ensure every business process is executed exactly the same way, every time, no matter which person is doing the work. Without Playbooks, projects are left to chance and chaos reigns.

Improve Accountability

When you use Flowster to manage your business processes, you have transparency and an audit trail into everything that your employees work on. You can see exactly how long it took various tasks to be completed, who did the work, and even be automatically notified by email when it’s done.

Improve Teamwork

Collaboration with your team is vital. When following a Playbooks and Workflows in Flowster, team members can easily assign each other tasks, give due dates, upload files, and add comments to the work they've done. This keeps everyone in the loop and your business running at peak efficiency.

We’ve already changed the lives of thousands of Flowster users.

Why not yours?

Flowster is the easiest way to manage your company’s processes in large part because our software comes populated with critical eCommerce Playbooks.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes customizing and creating your own Playbooks a breeze

With Flowster’s Template Editor, simply drag widgets and drop them wherever you want in the task area. These widgets can contain text, images, videos, files, checklists, and various input fields to gather data when you run Workflows from this Template.

Easily monitor all your recurring tasks

When delegation goes unchecked, things will invariably fall though the cracks. With Flowster’s Workflow Dashboard, at a quick glance you can see how your team members are doing, if any tasks are late, and who is working on what.

Quickly Search

You can search, sort, and filter on many different fields, such as the Workflow owner’s name, or due date.

See What’s Coming Up

The Scheduled Workflows page gives you a calendar view of work that’s coming up, so you can plan your day, or week, or month with ease.

A one-of-a-kind playbook marketplace

There is an art and a science to creating highly effective Playbooks (Standard Operating Procedures), and if starting with a blank slate isn’t your thing, we’ve got your covered.

Flowster’s Playbook Marketplace connects niche experts who have already created Playbook templates with other entrepreneurs in their industry who would rather not have to create playbooks from scratch.

Are you a niche expert looking to monetize your knowledge to a larger audience? Or are you a digital marketer looking for a marketing playbook that you can easily implement for your company today?

Either way, the Flowster Playbook Marketplace is the solution. Find the perfect free playbook template right now.

Flowster SOP Marketplace

A vibrant community

Love hanging out with, and learning from, other digital marketing professionals? Want to learn the latest tactics & strategies for maximizing revenue in your online store? Looking for an Amazon seller forum?

The Flowster forum is a place where eCommerce entrepreneurs share ideas on how to take a more systematic approach to growth.
Got a problem you’re stuck on? Chances are, another member can help!

What you choose to do is a PREFERENCE.
If several people in a group start to do it, it is a PRACTICE.
When you write it down and keep it up to date, you now have a PROCESS.

Processes are auditable. Other people should be able to recreate the same results following the process as you would have.

Other features

Workflow Scheduling

For those upcoming or recurring tasks, you can setup Workflow schedules. Assign them to whomever is responsible, and even set a due date.

Audit Trail

Accountability is key. Every activity your team performs is tracked, so it’s easy to look back and see who did what & when.

Email Reminders

When you have tasks that are upcoming, or past due, Flowster will send you an email notification to ensure your team stays on schedule.