Easily Delegate to Trained Virtual Assistants

We make it ridiculously simple to hire and onboard VAs dedicated to your unique, repeatable procedures

Drive business growth​

Flowster makes it easy for virtual assistants (VAs) to understand and access your unique procedures. Not sure which processes to delegate and to whom? Leave it to us!​

Lower operational cost​

Using VAs reduces overhead and lowers taxes. Our software makes it easy to delegate and our team ensures you get the right VA for the task.​

Reduce workload​

Working with VAs will lighten your load, leaving time for business strategy and leisure. We even make the VA training and oboarding process effortless by doing it for you.​

Scale your business​

Well trained VAs can handle a variety of tasks at varying volumes and complexity levels. When they hit the ground running, your business gets a supercharge.​

Plus, stress-free training and onboarding​

If having a VA sounds great but you’re not sure where to start, we can help. We make it easy to identify the right talent and train them on your unique processes and workflows, saving you weeks of time and eliminating risk to your business.​

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$1,995 USD per fully trained VA. (If you already own one of our premium playbooks or are an Enterprise client, discounts may be available. Get in touch.).

You must pay a VAs wages directly on an ongoing basis. Expect to pay each VA about $3 – $5 USD per hour. 

We will need between two to three weeks to fully train a single VA. 

Defined, repeatable procedures are ideal to delegate to a VA. If you already use Flowster Playbooks (ASP, WEBS, PALS, or ALS, for example), then you have plenty of workflows you can assign. You have your own standard operating procedures, as well. And if you need help defining and structuring these processes, just ask! We can help. 

The vast majority of the VAs we work with live in the Philippines or Mexico. Their Internet connections are pretty reliable. That said, mother nature can get in the way whenever she likes. You should expect some occasional breaks in communication (mostly during typhoon and hurricane season).

If you are unhappy with your VA, we’ll work with you to find a replacement at no cost to you.