Flowster Integrations

It’s easy to integrate Flowster with thousands of other online tools and services

We use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps

It’s a fantastic service that makes it easy to connect web apps together and automate their processes. By doing this, you save time, money, and reduce errors in your workflows.

Here’s just a few of the possible integrations available:


Flowster + Trello

• Create new Trello comments from new Flowster comments
• Create Trello cards for tasks completed in Flowster​


Flowster + Google Sheets

• Create new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows from completed Flowster Task​


Hubspot + Flowster

• Create new Flowster Workflows from new contact property changes in HubSpot CRM​


Asana + Flowster

• Create Flowster workflows from Asana tasks​


Flowster + Slack​

• Send new Flowster comments to a Slack channel​


Flowster + Intercom​

• Tag a user in Intercom whenever a task is completed in Flowster​


Flowster + Email​

• Get emails by Zapier when new Flowster workflows are created
• Create a new Flowster workflow by sending an email using Zapier​


Flowster + InvoiceBerry​

• Add an expense in InvoiceBerry when a task is completed in Flowster
• Create a new workflow in Flowster when a new client is added in InvoiceBer​


Calendly + Flowster

• Create a new Flowster workflow when a Calendly invitee is created