Flowster Training Videos

Here’s our growing collection of videos to help you learn how to use Flowster most effectively.

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Flowster Overview​

Learn about the importance of process templates, the Flowster Marketplace, creating Workflows from Templates, and how Workflows are structured and used.

Flowster Marketplace Checkout​

Learn how to use the Flowster Marketplace as a buyer.

Create a New Process Template​

Learn how to create a new process template from scratch.

Edit a Process Template

Learn how to edit an existing process template.

Create and Assign Workflow

Learn how to create a Workflow from a Template, and assign it to someone on your team.

Schedule Recurring Workflow

Learn how to schedule a Workflow that repeats over a specific time interval. Note: this is a premium feature.

Use the Assignment Calendar

Learn how to use the calendar to monitor assigned Workflows and Tasks.