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Here at Flowster, we have two core terms that you should understand:

A Template is the SOP that you create one time for a task that is likely to be repeated over and over.

A Workflow is the name we use to describe when you want to use a template, and assign it to yourself or a member of your team, so actual work gets done.

For example, if you are issuing a purchase order, you would create a Template to cover the specific steps your company does whenever it issues a purchase order.

Then, each time a new purchase order needs to be issued, you’d simply select the “Purchase Order” Template and then click the Execute New Workflow button to create a Workflow that you then give a due date and assign to any member of your team (or yourself if you don’t yet have a team). The responsible party will then create and issue that particular purchase order in the exact way you defined it when you created the Template in the first place.

If you have an active Flowster subscription, you can update your payment method by going to Account Settings -> Billing.

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We use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps.

It’s a fantastic service that makes it simple to connect web apps together and automate their processes. By doing this, you save time, money, and reduce errors in your workflows.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Signup at Zapier
  2. Start creating a Zap
  3. Select the Flowster app as a Trigger or Action
  4. Connect your Flowster account (by generating an API key)
  5. Finish setting up the Zap

For more information, follow this guide.

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