Monetize Your Expertise with Our Content Partner Program

If you posses a high level of expertise and you would like to share that knowledge on a global scale, our Content Partner Program might be right for you!

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Program Overview

Here at Flowster, we are on a mission to become the Netflix of Standard Operating Procedures, so that business owners from any industry can come to Flowster and find pre-made SOPs that they can immediately implement in their business. 

To bring this vision to life,  we are working our way towards this goal one Playbook at a time – but we can’t do it alone.

Do you have the content our customers need?

If you have already documented your business processes somewhere (Google docs, another app, etc…) and would like to see this content made available to others around the world, the Content Partner Program could be for you, and we invite you to fill out the form on the right to schedule a call with a partnership manager.

What’s in it for you?

Ultra high-quality content (in the form of Playbooks) is an extremely valuable asset, and we’d love nothing more than to figure out a way to help you to monetize this content in ways that you are not already doing, so you can stop leaving money on the table.

Here’s just a few of the ways this can be done:

Revenue Sharing

If your content is published in a Flowster Premium Playbook that is then purchased by Flowster users, we'll happily share the revenue with you.

Licensing Fees

If a revenue sharing agreement isn't to your liking, we can also discuss paying you a one-time fee for a perpetual license to your content.

Affiliate Income

If your content is turned into a Flowster Playbook that is provided for free to Flowster's user base, we can structure an affiliate agreement that will ensure you get a share of ongoing subscription revenue.

Capture More Leads

Some of our content partners run consulting businesses and they are more interested in having their content generate leads for them vs the other options. If that is you, book a call with us and we'll explain how this works.


At this point in time, Flowster is focused on creating Playbooks for SaaS, eCommerce, and the Agencies that serve them.

Over time, much like Netflix, our goal is to have largest repository of Playbooks on the Internet; regardless of industry.

Not necessarily.

The responsibility for keeping the content up to date could be yours, or it could be ours.

That will depend on the nature of the agreement we enter into. 

That will depend on the nature of the agreement we create with you.

If you don’t have time to convert the content from its current form into the Flowster format, our team can do the work for you. Most likely, we’ll cover the cost of this, but that will ultimately depend on the type of partnership we create. Please book a call to discuss further.

No. Regardless of the type of agreement we create with you, we need to have a perpetual license for the content because a portion of our customers that have come to rely on that content for daily business operations, so it would be very unfair to take it away from them.