Growing your startup or small business is hard work. Flowster's playbooks make it much easier.

If you’re a company founder, you know from experience that you’re probably working long hours to build your company into a huge success.

Like every founder, you have a lot of work to do and never enough time to get it all done.

For every new business challenge, you need to either invest the time into researching the most viable solution, or spend thousands to hire a consultant/expert to help you.

Either way, it is a significant investment.

Imagine if you could simply get a step-by-step guide to exactly what needs to be done to accomplish your goal – and then you could customize that guide in any way you like.

That’s what Flowster playbooks are for!

Once you’re armed with one of our playbooks, some amazing things start to happen:

  1. You save time. A LOT of time.
  2. You can now easily and quickly delegate work you no longer want to do, so you can free up your valuable time to invest in only the high value activities that are really going to move the needle. 

For example…suppose you want to improve your outbound marketing so you can book more demos. 

Start by grabbing our outbound marketing playbook

Next, if you don’t have time or the desire to do the work yourself, simply assign the work to someone else with a few clicks of the mouse.

Our playbooks are that detailed, and it really is that easy.

Pinky promise!

A Playbook for Everything

From day one, we realized that while other founders clearly understood the value of playbooks, very few of them could afford the time needed to create them from scratch.

Flowster Marketplace

To solve this problem, we created our playbook marketplace.

  • Once you sign up for Flowster, you will have instant access to our library of playbooks.
  • Need a playbook for outbound marketing? No problem.
  • Need a playbook for SEO? We’ve got you covered.
  • Want to optimize your product listings on Amazon? We have that too!

We might not have a playbook for everything yet...but you can rest assured that regularly developing new playbooks is our #1 priority.

The Power of a Great Playbook

A great playbook is like a world-class training course, combined with all the checklists you need to successfully delegate whatever portion of the work you like.

Flowster - workflow page

Armed with a Flowster playbook, you can immediately start “doing” instead of just passively learning – and that will save you a LOT of time!

Once you have a good grasp on whatever task you’re working on, and you decide that you don’t want to be the one to do the work yourself any longer, Flowster’s process management software will make delegating that work to someone on your team as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

Founding Story

When Trent was 31, he read Michael Gerber’s eMyth and immediately implemented Gerber’s strategies into his fledgling startup. 

Several years later, that company went on to rank as one of Canada’s PROFIT 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada for two years in a row. In 2008, he sold the company for a seven figure exit, thanks largely to the fact that the company no longer relied on his day-to-day involvement.

Over the next decade, as the host of the Bright Ideas podcast, Trent interviewed hundreds of other founders, and the most successful of his guests all had one thing in common – they were obsessed with creating companies that relied more on proven processes than their ability to hire ultra-talented (and very expensive) employees. 

In 2016, thanks to an idea he picked up from one of his guests, Trent started an eCommerce business. Just like before, from day one Trent decided to document every one of the repeatable processes needed for growth.

Thanks to this obsession with process documentation, hiring and training new team members became so easy that Trent was able to hire the bulk of his team from the Philippines at a fraction of US wages. 

The result? Trent could afford to out-hire and out-hustle his competition, and his company ranked twice on the Inc 5000; #254 in 2019 and #622 in 2020.

Once word of his success with his eCommerce business got out, Trent realized that there was a huge demand for his eCommerce playbook, and Flowster was born..