[Heads Up] New User Interface Coming Soon!

Flowster’s about to get an entirely different look. We’re rolling out a brand new interface! Most likely these will take place by the end of this coming weekend. Why We’re Changing Things Up We originally created Flowster to house our own internal Standard Operating Procedures. The focus was on functionality, not sleek design or packaging. Now […]

Introducing the new Flowster Task Calendar

Here at Flowster, one of our main goals is to provide a tool that helps our members complete work in ½ the time. So we love to focus on making improvements that make it easier for people to manage their tasks and make sure everyone on their team is working as efficiently as possible. This […]

Amazon Sellers Forum

Amazon is not merely just a technology company based in Seattle, Washington. It’s also the world’s largest online marketplace. In addition to Amazon.com, they also focus on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, consumer products, mobile applications, package delivery and logistics, digital streaming services, and are even in the supermarket industry via Whole Foods. Amazon’s driving force […]

Streamline Your Business With Flowster + Zapier

Although Flowster is the perfect tool for managing your company’s recurring processes, it’s obviously not the only tool you use.  You most likely have to switch between numerous apps on a daily basis, which can not only be inefficient, it can also be prone to human error. This is why Zapier is such a fantastic […]