Getting your products covered in a high-profile news article or by your industry’s biggest influencers can be a massive boost to your brand. A jump in sales, partnerships with other companies, and increased brand recognition are just some of the numerous benefits you get from media coverage.

However, as a startup with no useful connections in your industry, it can be very had to get the coverage you so desperately want. You may think you need to rely on expensive methods and time-consuming tactics, however that’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at how you can both avoid these expenses and stay ahead of your competitors by getting media exposure.

1. Get in touch with individual journalists

Journalists are the most important people who can help to pitch your product to the market. However, getting the attention of journalists can be very hard, especially if you’re a startup and have never talked to him or her before. It’s advisable that you build a relationship with one or more specific journalists. Why a specific journalist? By building this one-on-one relationship, whenever you have future product launches or company announcements, you have a journalist ready to share your news. For more details on how to get in touch with individual journalists, check out


When contacting a journalist for first time, it’s best to call them rather than use another form of communication like an email or Tweet. Studies have claimed that you’re 10-20 times more likely to get a response by calling a journalist vs emailing. However, if circumstances do not allow (such as you can’t find a contact phone number), then by all means email the journalist … but avoid “generic text” such as starting the email with “Dear sir/madam” – this will cause them to assume the message is being sent to many people. Rather, you should address the journalist be his or her name.

2. Create a strong social media campaign for your killer content

Social media platforms have the potential to make your brand famous in the blink of an eye. Getting social media attention is not easy, though, especially if you do things like every other shmuck out there.

Social media users have short attention spans and need to be constantly entertained and amused. One of the best ways to get social media attention is by creating killer (highly engaging) content and developing a strong marketing campaign for this content. Talk to bloggers, group admins, etc and build a relationship with them to see if they will share your content. The more your articles are shared, the more brand recognition you’ll receive, and the higher likelihood that your startup will get the attention of journalists.

If Instagram is your platform of choice, here’s how to build an Instagram following.

Many journalists nowadays are savvy with social media, most likely because that’s where the average person gets their news now. So if your brand can stand out with some kickass content, then there’s a good chance you’ll be noticed and get some serious media coverage.


Let your customers know when you publish content to your social media channels. One easy way is by harnessing the power of your email list. By doing this, you’ll increase shares of this content, and it’ll reach a larger audience.