If paid advertising is your only means of Facebook lead generation, your return on investment is much lower than it could be.

The end goal of social media for brands and entrepreneurs is to display value in order to gather a following.  One of the most overlooked and underrated ways of gathering this following is through Facebook groups.

The key to a successful Facebook group that will drive leads to your business is in knowing the problem that you solve and your ideal customer profile.  For instance, one of Trent’s businesses is an Amazon third party seller.  Flowster was founded based on the operating procedures documented for this business and sold to other Amazon third party sellers.

A steady source of leads for these operating procedures comes from our Facebook group The Amazon Reseller’s Community.  Through practice of the 5 steps in the video below, the group has grown to over 3,000 users and provided steady revenue for Flowster.

Did you know, we have step by step instructions for this video? If you’d like a free PDF copy of these instructions, click the link below!

The Five Steps to Generate Leads from Facebook Groups

The five steps necessary to generate leads from Facebook by creating highly engaged Facebook groups include

  1. Give the group an impactful name that states the purpose of the group.
  2. Promote your group everywhere (i.e. the Amazon Reseller’s Group plug at the top of the page ☺).
  3. Filter your applicants (potential buyers) to segment the group and keep it exclusive to your ideal customer.
  4. Batch your content production to easily provide regular content in the group to stimulate discussion.
  5. Hook your group with calls to action to convert into customers.

If you’d like to check out the detailed instructions showing how to accomplish these five steps, be sure to check out the free operating procedure in the Flowster marketplace and enjoy a 7 day free trial if you aren’t already a Flowster user.

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