How to Make the Perfect International Travel Checklist – with Free Template

So, you’ve decided to take that vacation abroad that you’ve always wanted. Good for you! The thing is, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are tons of preparations to make before you get on that plane! Never fear, though, because we’re here to make it a little easier on you. First, […]

How to Successfully Onboard New Agency Clients – with Free Checklist

Does your marketing agency suffer from a high new client churn rate? Adopting an effective client onboarding process may help you retain more clients. Onboarding new clients provide a chance to address their concerns and outline the services that you provide, which increases client satisfaction. Use this marketing agency client onboarding checklist template to welcome […]

How to Easily Find Your Target Audience’s Top Influences – with Free Template

Audience research helps you identify and understand your market. The knowledge you gain allows you to fine tune your marketing, products, and services to better address the needs of your target audience. You can uncover new marketing opportunities and make a stronger impression on potential customers. Here’s how. What is Audience Research and Why Do […]

How To Successfully Transition to Google’s GA4 (Free Template Included)

Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a change that every organization should be preparing for. It will certainly cause a significant change in your day-to-day SEO activities, due to the amount of data available and the insights you can generate from it. You can use our free step-by-step guide to make sure your transition […]

How To Write the Best Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Your Business

Standard Operating Procedures are crucial for any business. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, SOPs can help streamline your processes and make them more efficient. This blog post will show you how to create SOPs that are easy to follow, simple to update, and will produce the best results possible.  Learn how […]

Dollar a Day Facebook Advertising Strategy

If paid advertising is your only means of Facebook lead generation, your return on investment is much lower than it could be.

The end goal of social media for brands and entrepreneurs is to display value in order to gather a following. One of the most overlooked and underrated ways of gathering this following is through Facebook groups.

What Process Management Tool is Right For You? Flowster vs Alternatives

What Process Management Tool is Right For You? Flowster vs Alternatives Keeping workers on the same page isn’t easy, which is why most companies develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), especially as they grow. Unfortunately, creating simple instructions and workflows that anyone can follow isn’t always straightforward, and can be time consuming. Flowster was designed to […]

Which One is Better? Flowster vs Asana – A Productivity Showdown

Project management tools are designed to make your life easier, but not all of them are created equal. So how do you decide which tool will best help you achieve your goals and provide the most value for your business? At first glance, Flowster and Asana may look like they do similar things. However, they […]

7 Ways Flowster Users Win at Work with Proven Templates

How Flowster Users Win at Work with Proven Templates Do you ever wish your work had an easy button? At Flowster, our goal is to help our users accomplish their work in half the time (or half the cost). Our marketplace of pre built templates provide an easier way of completing work, especially when onboarding […]

$1 Million Dollars from a Podcast: Podcasting Secrets & Biggest Mistakes

Do you currently have or aspire to start a podcast?  If so, allow Trent to share some of the podcasting secrets he’s learned over the years to help you find success. Trent has been hosting the Bright Ideas podcast for a decade now and it has generated a million dollars in revenue over a two year […]