Did you know that you can use reviews to increase your products’ organic search for specific keywords? Or that the ideal star rating is not 5.0?

Read on to learn more. We’ll share how to get reviews on Amazon whether you have a brand new product, or an existing product that needs more reviews.

You’ll also learn how many reviews you should shoot for, how to ask for reviews (and how not to), and how to deal with negative reviews.

So, let’s get started.

Take a moment to think back to your most recent purchase decisions. If you’re like most shoppers, chances are you spent some of your time looking at star ratings or thumbing through detailed product reviews.

You probably already know that one of the most important things that drives Amazon sales are product reviews. Reviews are crucial to make your product listings stand out and convert well. To a lesser extent, seller feedback is important also.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • the difference between product reviews and seller feedback
  • what should your goals be when it comes to reviews?
  • what to do before you ask for reviews
  • how to get Amazon reviews
  • how not to get Amazon reviews
  • how to deal with negative reviews

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If you’re starting a new business, or working on improving an old business, using the best eCommerce platform is ideal. With dozens of popular choices to choose from nowadays, it can be overwhelming comparing all the features and pricing. Well, good news! We’ve done all the grunt work for you.

We’ve signed up for, and thoroughly tested the top eCommerce platforms in order to determine which ones are the best for various types of businesses. This list is continuously updated too, so you always know you’re getting the most current information!

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