Do you currently have or aspire to start a podcast?  If so, allow Trent to share some of the podcasting secrets he’s learned over the years to help you find success.

Trent has been hosting the Bright Ideas podcast for a decade now and it has generated a million dollars in revenue over a two year period.  While the podcast is of modest views size, it was able to generate high revenue for two reasons:

  1.  Trent creates content for a defined and specific audience
  2. Trent uses the podcast to network and learn

One of the biggest mistakes content creators make (check the video above) is not creating content for a specific audience.  To paraphrase Trent, if you create content for everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.  

Since Trent’s audience is in the same domain as his own businesses, there is a high probability that networking through the show will benefit him alongside his audience.  This is how he has monetized the podcast so effectively.

If you can create a similar symbiotic relationship, your podcast will go far.  Just be sure to avoid some of the pitfalls Trent has encountered over the years.


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The Six Major Podcasting Mistakes

The six major podcasting mistakes to avoid are:

  1. Not having an editorial calendar (plan your content).
  2. Lack of consistency (upload regularly).
  3. Not choosing a specific target audience.
  4. Producing audio only podcasts.
  5. Insufficient content promotion on social media.
  6. Not repurposing long form content.

The Hidden Secret of Podcasting

Trent’s biggest podcasting secret is that it is the very best networking tool on planet earth.  A podcast can get you a seat with folks that may never have given you the time of day otherwise.

At the very least, you’ll get a free hour of consulting but often you’ll find you get much more than that.  Thanks to the networking the Bright Ideas podcast has provided, Trent has made business partners, intelligent friends, affiliate partners, and over a million dollars from his podcast.

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