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How to use the Marketplace



The Flowster Marketplace is essentially like “an Amazon for eCommerce Playbooks”. 

Sellers can list collections of workflows (we call these Playbooks) and buyers can search or browse the various listings, add Playbooks to their cart, and checkout.

After a buyer successfully checks out with a credit card or PayPal payment, the folder(s) and Playbook(s) included in the workflows are automatically copied into their Flowster account.

For Buyers

1. Add Playbooks to your Cart

From the main Marketplace page, you can browse or search for the Playbook that interests you:

Then click it to open its detail page:

If you’re happy with the details of this Playbook, you can then click the button.

2. View your Cart

Your Cart will contain all the Playbooks you plan to purchase.

You can delete them if you change your mind, and also enter Promo Codes (if you’ve been given one).

3. Checkout

Inside your Cart click the button:

If your cart balance is $0.00 (ie all the Plabooks are free), the checkout will happen instantly.

Otherwise, on the dialog that appears, you can choose to pay with a credit card, or PayPal:

After successfully completing the checkout process, for each Playbook that was in your Cart, its contents will have been copied to your account.

You should then be able to see the new folders or templates here:

4. Write a Review

Reviews are important as they help Playbook authors get feedback, know what can be improved, and ultimately enforce the integrity of the Marketplace.

Go to the My Orders page:

Click the button for the Playbook that you just ordered.

Fill out the form and submit it.

Then, locate the Playbook in the Marketplace, open its detail page, and your review should appear near the bottom:

5. Using Promo Codes

If a Marketplace Seller has given you a Promo Code, you can enter it the “Promo Code” field on the Cart page and click the button on the right side:

(in this case, this code is setup to give a 10% discount)

You should then see the discount applied and your total be reduced:

For Sellers

1. Setup your Seller Profile

This will be displayed on the detail page of any Playbooks you add for sale to the Marketplace. It represents your “brand”.

The example above is pretty basic. Feel free to use your creativity, colors, images, emojis 😀 … whatever you think will sell your brand better!

2. Sell your Playbook

If you plan to sell numerous products in the Marketplace, check out this free Playbook: Sell An Playbook In The Marketplace. It’ll walk you through the process that we at Flowster use ourselves, step-by-step, and is detailed enough that you can easily assign it to a staff member.

Otherwise, here’s the high-level steps:

Step 1: Select Folder or Template

First, select the Folder (containing multiple Templates) or single Template that you want to sell as an Playbook:

Step 2: Verify Selection

On the next screen, you’ll just be shown what you selected. If it’s incorrect, you can click the   button, otherwise, click 

Step 3: Choose Categories

Select one or more categories that are appropriate for your Playbook:

Step 4: Choose Title

Now, you need to choose a Title for your Playbook listing. In most cases, it’ll be the same as the Template or Folder you’ve selected:

Step 5: Enter Description

Enter a detailed description of your Playbook. You can get really creative here if you’d like! You may want to look at other examples in the Marketplace to get inspiration 🙂

Step 6: Add Images or Videos

Now, you can add images or videos to your Playbook listing:

For videos, you can either upload the file directly (<10 MB) or add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.

You can also drag and drop the images and videos to change their order. Note that the 1st one will be “featured”.

Step 7: Enter a Price

Finally, decide how much you want to sell your Playbook for! Make sure to enter the value in US dollars. Also, if you want to give it away for free, just leave it at $0.

3. View your Playbook

You should see your newly added Playbook here:

Open it up and view its details:

Alternatively, you can view all your Playbooks for sale here:

4. Edit Your Playbook

There’s two methods to start editing your Playbook:

From the Playbook detail page

You can see in the image above, that when you open up your Playbook to view its details, there’s a button.

From the My Playbooks page

Go to

And click the blue pencil/edit icon on the Playbook you want to edit. Also notice that you can delete it, if you no longer want it to be for sale in the Marketplace.

Now, from this page you can edit the title, description, images/videos, or price. Just click the tabs at the top to select what you want to change. Then click the button at the bottom right when you’re done.

Note: you cannot change the Folders or Templates that your Playbook contains. If you want to do this you’ll have to add an entirely new Playbook to the Marketplace.

5. Promo Codes

Promo Codes give your buyers a discount on your Playbooks.

Start by clicking the button on the top right.

Then, fill in all the fields:

  • Promo Code: the unique code that your buyers will use to receive the discount.
  • Description: this is just for yourself, so you remember what the code is used for.
  • Type: either Amount (in US dollars) or Percentage.
  • Amount: depending on what you selected for “Type”, enter dollars or percentage values here.
  • Playbook(s): in this last field, select the Playbook(s) that this promotion applies to. Start typing their names to select them. A single Promo Code can apply to multiple Playbooks.

After clicking “Submit”, you’ll see your new Promo Code on the main page:

From here, you can edit it, or delete it.

6. Payments

We’re using the popular iDevAffiliate software to manage our Marketplace seller payments. This is the same software we’re using for our Affiliate program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you first list a Playbook for sale in the Marketplace, an account in iDevAffiliate is automatically created for you, representing you as a Seller.
  2. When someone buys your Playbook, Flowster receives 15% of the sale, and therefore you receive 85%. This 85% is represented as a “commission” in iDevAffiliate.
  3. Within 30 days of the end of the month in which the sale was made, you will be paid from Flowster. Payment is made to your PayPal or Stripe account.

To access your iDevAffiliate account:

You should have received an email with the subject “Flowster Marketplace Seller Account Details“, that contains your username and password, however if you cannot locate that email, visit this page:

Enter the email address associated with your Flowster account in the “username” field, and click “Send To Email” to have your password sent to your email.

To setup your payment method:

Select whether you want to be paid by PayPal or Stripe:


Simply enter your PayPal email address:


Stripe is a service that pays directly to your checking account.

First click “Connect with Stripe”:

Then, if you already have a Stripe account, you can sign in, or otherwise fill out the form to create a new account:

7. Sales History

To get a report that shows sales history for your Playbooks, go to Marketplace > Sellers > Sales History

Sales History

Select a Start Date and End Date. If you have any data between these dates, the Download CSV button will turn blue. Then click it to download the report.

Sales History page

Here’s a sample report:

Sales History CSV report

8. Promoting Your Playbook

Automatically Add To Cart

If you want to promote your Playbook outside of the Marketplace, for example, to your mailing list, where you’ve pre-sold it and want your customers to be able to access it as quickly as possible, you can use a special link that will automatically add your Playbook to their shopping cart.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Locate your Playbook URL (either from the main Marketplace page (right-click “copy link”), or your Playbook detail page). It will look something like
  2. Simply add /cart to the end of it, like

Automatically Apply a Promo Code

Now if you have a promo code setup for your Playbook, and want your customers to simply click a link to automatically:

  • Add your Playbook to their cart
  • Apply the promo code

… all in a single click. Here’s what you do:

  1. Start with the special “add to cart” URL described above:
  2. Add ?promo=yourcode (where “yourcode” is your unique promo code) to the end of it, like
Subscription Products

You can optionally add &interval=monthly or &interval=yearly to the end of the URL above in order to automatically add whichever type of billing period to the cart