Cloud workflow software is rapidly becoming a widely effective staple for improved productivity. While many may assume these types of platforms are just fancy online calendars that have taken the place of the planners and organizers professionals once lived by, there’s actually a bit more to consider before looking the other way. 

Imagine having a detailed checklist to break down each task and subtask required to complete every assignment. Day-to-day operations would likely flow a bit smoother, right? Well, standard operating procedures (SOPs) do just that!

Companies are now implementing the use of detailed SOPs to ensure their workflow and assignments are accurately completed on a daily basis. 

Effective cloud workflow software can transform your business into a well-oiled, productivity machine without sacrificing important details and pertinent steps required to complete tasks. Workflow solutions, along with the use of structured SOPs, have given a whole new meaning to the idea of creating instruction manuals, tutorials, handbooks, and style guides. 

The Advantages

Here are 11 amazing productivity perks that prove workflow software and SOPs will change the way you think about everything. 

  1. Structured Organization – Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, workflow solutions can make life a little less complicated. Structured SOPs add to the level of productivity that can be achieved as intricately outlined procedures make tasks and subtasks very clear. In addition to specific assignment details, scheduling and deadlines can also be implemented to make sure everyone is on the same page. 
  2. User-Friendly – It’s no secret every employee may not be tech-savvy; everyone wears a different hat. Luckily, cloud workflow software doesn’t require much technical experience for users to get the hang up it. Regardless of whether you can repair a motherboard or barely send a text message from your cell phone, there’s a strong possibility that you can easily utilize a workflow system. With its drag-and-drop features, workflow systems can be easily operable for users on all levels of experience. 
  3. Task Management – Do you often have a sequence of tasks that need to be completed in a specific order? Or maybe multiple instructions that would be required to finish certain projects? Are these projects role-based and need to be assigned to certain users? Cloud workflow software offers the advantage of managing every aspect of the tasks you need to be completed. Details, instructions, task assignments, and deadlines can all be organized with a workflow platform and SOPs would ensure the accuracy of task completion.
  4. Save Time – Detailed instruction typically decreases the possible margin of error for tasks which leads to more time well spent completing other assignments. With the right workflow solution and tailored SOPs, fewer errors to revise and companies have the advantage of maximizing productivity and time usage while also saving money. 
  5. Fewer Errors – Let’s face it: humans will always be subject to error. For Finance, Human Resource, Sales, and Marketing departments, errors and oversights can make or break important deals. In some cases, errors can also lead to legal issues for companies. While there will always be mistakes, some can be avoided. That’s where cloud workflow software comes in. A cloud workflow platform can bolster the most risk mitigation possible to reduce the chances of mistakes. With SOPs in place for repetitive, automated tasks, workers can focus on more important issues and areas in need of improvement.
  6. Customizable – Of course, every business has different needs according to its size, industry, and daily operational procedures. Luckily, most cloud workflow software solutions are customizable to fit the individualized needs of each company. In addition to customization features, many platforms are also equipped with user-friendly, drag-and-drop building solutions and messaging capabilities so users can avoid going back and forth between applications. 
  7. Effective Collaboration – A workplace may be home to an array of different personality types; some may have the ability to clearly communicate their concerns while others may not. With SOPs, you can cover all of the bases in one platform to decrease the possibility of tasks and procedures being misunderstood. 
  8. Quick and Easy Integration – A new productivity tool is supposed to make life easier; not further complicate things. Standalone workflow solutions are typically developed as disconnected applications that are utilized separately. This could ultimately lead to more manual work. Cloud workflow software can easily be connected with other applications through API integration so you can have a seamless workday. Cloud integrations and SOPs also make task modifications easier as one change can be implemented across multiple applications with the click of just one button.
  9. Reliability – Cloud platforms are progressively improving but, in the past, downtime and other tech issues raised concerns regarding access and reliability. With cloud workflow software, applications can be accessed from anywhere. Proper servers can also guarantee up to approximately 99.9% uptime so your platforms can be accessed at all times.
  10. Security – While many companies have migrated to cloud software, security is always a major concern. Since some of the country’s biggest companies have had confidential data comprised as a result of breached cloud servers, it comes as no surprise that many people are apprehensive of cloud software. However, cloud workflow software comes equipped with multiple components to ensure a higher level of cybersecurity. Features include role-based accessibility for administrators and staff members, conditional visibility, document visibility restrictions, and data encryption. 
  11. Scalability – As your business grows, it will likely require more manpower to operate effectively. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to increase spending. Cloud workflow solutions are usually cost-efficient with the option to scale as you grow. With the types of service plans offered, you have the flexibility to upgrade and increase the number of active workflows and templates you need to continue expanding your business.

The Takeaway

If you’re still managing your workflows manually, there’s a larger margin for error and lots of time you may not be taking advantage of. Get the most out of your workday and the opportunities available for growth. Incorporate a viable platform and solid SOPs so you can focus on what matters.

Flowster has a powerhouse platform you can take advantage of to take your business to the next level. From the workflow software to the library of SOPs, you can get a jumpstart on organizing your business operations with the click of a button. Sign up for a Flowster trial and today! 

A Live Example

Here’s an SEO-related SOP running on the Flowster platform called Building Backlinks For Existing Content: