Do you feel like your working hours are consumed by unimportant tasks? If so, you need to buy back time to focus only on the tasks that will help you scale and succeed.

In order to do this, you need to think critically about what tasks you are currently doing that someone else could take over (there are more than you think).  Getting these tasks off your plate will free up your time to focus on company growth rather than task deadlines.

In the video are five ways that Trent buys back his time to focus on scaling his three businesses as well as create opportunities to spend time with family and friends.

Did you know we have step by step instructions for hiring a virtual assistant to free up your time? If you’d like a free PDF copy of these instructions, click the link below!

The Five Ways to Buy Back Your Time

The five ways you can buy back your time build on each other and involve the following:

  1. Calculate your effective hourly rate (EHR).
  2. Define which tasks to delegate (based on EHR).
  3. Create processes for those tasks.
  4. Hire virtual assistants (VAs).
  5. Hire mid & senior level employees (as you scale).
There’s also a bonus tip involving company culture.  Particularly once you get to hiring mid & senior level employees, it is important that they also document the processes they create.  Instill a process creating culture within your company to ensure max exit value and scalability.

Be sure to check out the free operating procedure in the Flowster marketplace for hiring a virtual assistant and enjoy a 7 day free trial if you aren’t already a Flowster user.

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