The environment for business networking in the present day and age is quickly changing, due to the incorporation of technological advancement in the business world. The culture of exchanging the little laminated pieces of paper containing separated individual names and contacts, the business cards, is now slowly being voided for more productive and effective tools. Below are several proposals that will help to further business networking without using paper business cards.

Embrace Digital Business Card Solutions

With the nonuse of paper business cards, digital share options help one establish a very realistic method of sharing their contact information. You should be aware that you can have ever-changing and constantly updated digital business cards that not only inform about your skills and successes but also show your QR code, for example. For such forms of cards, it is possible to forward them via e-mail, text, or QR code and messages, thus providing suitable interaction during networking. To get started, consider exploring options to get business cards that align with your branding and networking objectives.

Cultivate an Engaging Online Presence

The globalized society demands an active online presence for almost every career nowadays. The advantage of the prospect of no longer using paper business cards is that it opens up your ability to present your skill set and even your personality through different media forms online, through social media, and other professional networks and blogs, among others. Post new material to your profiles, join relevant discussion groups and conversations, and connect with potential leads to gain a strong and influential presence. The use of internet-based communications to popularise your business will ensure it gains needed exposure and achieves increased business prospects.

Leverage Networking Events and Platforms

Business and social networking niches, and online forums are very helpful to keep you in touch with competitors and possible clients and associates. These observations pose that rather than relying on printed paper business cards, you should reach out to these people and start meaningful conversations, then exchange the business cards. It is important to also take advantage of the business apps or sites that are designed to cater for the event whereby one can be able to network with other attendees, set appointments, and even exchange virtual business cards in real-time. By recognizing the importance of technology and also optimizing your attendance at business professional events, you can effectively extend your network of contacts and potential business opportunities.

Implement Follow-Up Strategies

And most importantly, follow-up is very important when it comes to relationship building and churning out the outcomes of the networking interactions. In terms of not having physical paper business cards, there are various appropriate follow-up measures to keep the activity high and to give added weight to business relations. Adopt carrying out a follow-up call or mail with the recipient mentioning the previous conversation, mentioning relevant materials and information, and directing on the next possible action that you both may take or discuss. A lack of follow-up messages can also help you build more professional rapport and ultimately increase business possibilities.

Embrace Innovation and Adaptability

In the networker’s world, things are changing every day, so it is very important to encourage the spirit of Innovativeness and flexibility. For example, it’s now possible to connect with almost anyone via social media, but that’s still all within the confines of having a static business card. If it is possible to use VR for networking and virtual meetings or forums or any other forms of networking that might be untraditional, remain positive and ready to explore new potential strategies for networking. Some of the ways fully illustrate how you can maintain flexibility and put time to good use for the achievement of greater results in your entrepreneurial activities.


While paper business cards used to be a symbol of successful positioning and preparedness for networking, their usage is slowly becoming obsolete. It is important to understand that there are quite a few strategies that a business person can use to establish and build relationships in business networking without necessarily using business cards. Use alternative ways to exchange virtual and digital business cards, create a positive image on your social media pages, effectively network by investing in yourself and using various events and platforms, utilize proper follow-up, and be innovative and flexible. In that way, you lay down the necessary foundations of a strong professional circle, create relationships, and, consequently, ensure the long-term effectiveness of varied business initiatives.