Zapier Integration

Here’s some pre-made Zaps to connect Flowster with other popular tools.

We use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps

It’s a fantastic service that makes it simple to connect web apps together and automate their processes. By doing this, you save time, money, and reduce errors in your workflows.

Create new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows from completed Flowster Tasks

Create new Trello comments from new Flowster comments

Create new Flowster Workflows from new contact property changes in HubSpot CRM

Create a new Flowster workflow by sending an email using Zapier

Create Flowster workflows from Asana tasks

Tag a user in Intercom whenever a task is completed in Flowster

Create workflows in Flowster from new leads in Salesforce

Send new Flowster comments to a Slack channel

Create a new Flowster workflow when a Calendly invitee is created