Standard Operating Procedures for Digital Marketing Agencies

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From day one, we realized that while other founders clearly understood the value of creating documented processes, very few of them could afford the time needed to create them from scratch.

To solve this problem, we created our template library.

Currently filled with hundreds of templates, our library gives you access to pre-made templates that will save you the endless hours it would take to create your own processes from scratch.

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If you’re not familiar with the term "SOP", or their benefits, let’s review it really quick:

Standard operating procedures are step-by-step instructions that describe how to perform a routine process. They should be brief, easy to understand and contain actionable steps that are simple follow.

Although there’s many reasons why SOPs are important, let’s look at a few of the main ones:

They make your business run more efficiently

When you create effective SOPs, you ensure that every business process is executed exactly the same way, every time, no matter which person is doing the work. Without SOPs, projects are left to chance and chaos reigns.

They minimize the impact of turnover

If the details of a proprietary process in your company all reside within one employee’s head, that’s a huge risk. By documenting this process in a SOP, you protect your business in the off-chance that this employee was to leave or retire.

They improve accountability

When you use Flowster to manage your business processes, you have transparency and an audit trail into everything that your employees work on. You can see exactly how long it took various tasks to be completed, who did the work, and even be automatically notified by email when it’s done.

They enforce quality control

If your business has created a product or service that sells well and differentiates itself from your competitors, you’ll want to maintain a high standard of quality. SOPs guide your employees and reduce the chance of errors or skipped steps that may impact the quality of your product. Standard operating procedures provide a blueprint for your staff that protects the integrity of whatever they’re creating.

They improve teamwork

Collaboration with your team is vital. When following a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in Flowster, team members can easily assign each other tasks, give due dates, upload files, and add comments to the work they’ve done. This keeps everyone in the loop and your business running at peak efficiency.

SEO Standard Operating Procedures

Here’s some more SEO Standard Operating Procedures:

Get Backlinks From Forums

Learn how to discovery good quality forums, and add comments that provide value but also link back to a page on your website. This is an easy-to-implement yet effective SEO strategy.

Get Backlinks From Competitors’ Resource Pages

This strategy is has been used since the dawn of the internet: locate “resource pages” on the internet and request that those websites add your company to the list.

How to Perform Keyword Research

This SOP will teach you to find keywords with Google Keyword Planner, Google Search, Answer The Public, Google Webmaster Tools, Quora, and Ubersuggest.

Turning Keywords Into SEO Content

In this free SOP, you will learn how to leverage your title tags, publish long content, analyze keyword prominence, and tap into user experience signals.

Improve Your Site’s On-Page SEO

Learn how to improve your page speed, optimal keyword placement, image filename and alt tag recommendations, and how to implement Schema markup.

Building Backlinks For Existing Content

This SOP will walk you through how to get backlinks to existing content you have on your website. You will learn about identifying top ranking pages, analyzing backlink profiles, outreach, and more!

Find Broken Links To Preserve Link Juice

Follow this SEO strategy which teaches how to locate links to pages on your site that no longer exist, how to fix these broken pages, and how to take advantage of your competitor’s broken links.

How to use for Keyword Research

This SOP will teach you about accessing Google’s free keyword planner, finding appropriate keywords, and searching keyword volume and projections.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Free

This SOP will teach you about accessing Google’s free keyword planner, finding appropriate keywords, and searching keyword volume and projections.

Social Media Standard Operating Procedures

Here’s some more social media standard operating procedures:

How to Create a Highly Engaged Facebook Group

Learn how to grow your Facebook Group membership organically, proper onboarding for new members, and various methods of engaging with your members.

How to Build Your Brand on YouTube

You will learn how to build your brand on YouTube, by following step-by-step instructions that'll help you drive traffic to your channel and videos.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

This SOP will teach you how to make improvements to your Twitter profile so you’ll increase the chances of appearing in search results and get more followers.

How to Build an Instagram Following

This SOP will teach you how to monitor your industry, create an editorial calendar, analyze your competitors followers, connect with guest bloggers, and much more!

Email Marketing Standard Operating Procedures

Create Email Segmentation & Personalization In MailChimp

Learn about the importance of email list segments, choosing appropriate conditions for your segments, and creating personalized campaigns that target your segments.

How To Use The Klaviyo Setup Wizard

Learn about integrating Klaviyo with your Shopify store, branding your emails with a logo and color scheme, and adding social links to your emails.

Other Digital Marketing Standard Operating Procedures

How to Grow an Audience Through Curating Content

You’ll learn how to choose a cadence, setup your website, share it to the world, setup an email broadcast message, and write captivating content for your email.

How To Properly Setup A Google Ads Account

You’ll learn about designing the optimal structure for your Google Ads account, keyword research, how to best configure your campaign settings (hint: the defaults aren’t ideal), and more.

Increase Shopify Sales By Using Abandoned Cart Recovery

Learn about creating an OptinMonster exit-intent offer campaign, integrating with your email provider, and setting up automated abandoned cart emails.

How To Setup Facebook Ad Manager And Create Ads That Convert

This SOP will walk you through setting up a new Facebook Business Manager account, creating a Facebook Ad Campaign, developing powerful Facebook ad creatives, and more.

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