Welcome QuietLight Podcast Listeners!

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my interview with Mark and want to learn more about systematizing your business with Flowster!

As I mentioned in the interview with Mark, as an incentive to give Flowster a try, I’d like to offer you a copy of the Content Production Pack that we normally sell for $299 for free.

Included in this collection of SOP templates are SOPs for all aspects of:

  • Creating podcast episodes
  • Creating videos for youtube
  • Creating webinars
  • Creating blog posts
  • Email broadcasts

These SOPs are exact copies of the SOPs that the team uses to run the Bright Ideas blog and have been designed to work with the following apps:

  • WordPress
  • Auphonic
  • Garage Band
  • Webinarjam
  • Campaign Refinery

If you don’t use the same apps as we do, simply edit the SOP templates to show relevant screenshots of the apps you do currently use.

The Benefits of Using SOPs in Your Business

After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs on my Bright Ideas podcast over the last 8 years, one of the main things that I see over and over again with the entrepreneurs who achieve the greatest results is this:

They focus on working ON their business more than IN it.

From day one, I focused on turning every single one of our business processes into a documented Standard Operating Procedure.

When you create SOPs, some really fantastic things happen.

Thing #1: You can easily delegate more of your work to your team and have total confidence in the fact that they are going to perform the task in exactly the way you want it done.

Thing #2: You can make more use of low-cost virtual assistants instead of hiring expensive US-based contractors, consultants, and employees. The money you save goes directly to your bottom line.

Thing #3: Onboarding new employees, contractors, and virtual assistants will be far easier than you have ever imagined. With detailed SOPs in place, you won’t be required to spend hours upon hours training new employees. Instead, you’ll simply assign them a workflow based on one of your SOPs and they will follow the instructions, step by step, by step.

The number of ways that having SOPs can benefit your business is virtually endless…which is why I say, “SOPs will set you free!”

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