Stop Manually Prospecting On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of today's most popular tools for B2B prospecting, but there are two significant problems:

Problem #1: It requires a massive investment of time
Problem #2: If you don’t have the right strategy, all that time will be completely wasted!

Harness the Power of Highly Personalized and Fully Automated Prospecting On LinkedIn

Once you understand how to build a fully automated prospecting engine, not only can you save the hundreds of hours per month you are currently spending (wasting?) on LinkedIn, but you can get amazing results like the ones below.

Optimize the Performance of Your Sales Team

Generating qualified appointments is only part of the battle. In order to get the highest ROI possible on your outbound marketing efforts, you also need to have a proven sales process that is well documented and easy for sales reps to use.

Flowster's workflow & process management software makes creating, distributing, and managing a proven sales process as easy as following a checklist.

Optimize Execution

Playbooks (Standard Operating Procedures) are the lifeblood of today's most successful organizations. Effective Playbooks ensure every business process is executed exactly the same way, every time, no matter which person is doing the work. Without Playbooks, projects are left to chance and chaos reigns.

Improve Accountability

When you use Flowster to manage your business processes, you have transparency and an audit trail into everything that your employees work on. You can see exactly how long it took various tasks to be completed, who did the work, and even be automatically notified by email when it’s done.

Improve Teamwork

Collaboration with your team is vital. When following a Playbooks and Workflows in Flowster, team members can easily assign each other tasks, give due dates, upload files, and add comments to the work they've done. This keeps everyone in the loop and your business running at peak efficiency.

We’ve already changed the lives of thousands of Flowster users.

Why not yours?

Flowster is the easiest way to manage your company’s processes in large part because our software comes populated with critical eCommerce Playbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We’re currently offering a free trial for all new signups. You can even change plans during the trial if you’d like to.

This all depends on how many people are in your “division” At Flowster, we use this term to represent any organization that needs to share workflows. It could be your company, department, team, whatever.

• Guests (typically virtual assistants) can only access workflows that are assigned to them. They cannot do anything else.
• Members can create templates and workflows, and assign things to other users.
• Admins can do everything members can do, plus manage users and billing information.

Yes! We have a Zapier app that allows you to do all sorts of fun things, like when a task is completed, someone adds a comment, or you can even automate the creation of workflows.

Yes! The Outbound Marketing Playbook comes with a vast array of pre-made SOPs.

We hope you never want to! But just in case … you can cancel your subscription whenever you’d like. You can also contact us to completely delete your account and all your data.

Since we offer a free trial so you can try out all the features before committing to a paid plan, we don’t offer refunds. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

At a minimum, we recommend you sign up for Expandi at a cost of $99/mo. 

If you wish to be able to include personalized images in your LinkedIn messages, you will also need to sign up for Hyperise at a cost of $99/mo.

If you wish to be able to build the complete tech stack to achieve the workflow described in the diagram on the top of this page, you will also need the following software:

Optional software applications include: