What is an SOP? How to Create Your First SOP From Scratch

If you are launching a new business venture or managing an existing business, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may offer a solution for optimizing your operations. So what is an SOP? SOPs give employees clear guidelines for performing daily activities. From routine tasks to complex processes, the SOP reduces errors and improves output. Every business has […]

Five Ways to Buy Back Time and Scale Faster

Do you feel like your working hours are consumed by unimportant tasks? If so, you need to buy back time to focus only on the tasks that will help you scale and succeed. In order to do this, you need to think critically about what tasks you are currently doing that someone else could take […]

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant to Save Time and Money

Stop doing $10 an hour tasks.  Hire a virtual assistant. As a business owner or entrepreneur, your goal should be to work on the business rather than in the business.  Time consuming tasks eat up your valuable time that could be used to apply your expertise, knowledge, and experience on parts of your business that […]

Why Courses Don’t Work (& How to Actually Help Your Clients)

This is a guest post from Stefan Lubinski. Recently I was working with two clients who are both developing what some people call a platform or community; a place to develop an audience in a specific industry or niche, deliver high value and offer products or services to that audience. Typically those are courses and […]

7 Ways Workflow Software Can Transform Your Business

Why should you consider using workflow software?  Workflow tools are useful for businesses in any industry. You can use workflow software to automate or streamline operations.  The scope of the software varies. You may use simple checklist apps to track progress. You can also find comprehensive workflow software to centralize data and standardize procedures. Here […]

How Workflows Increase Your Customer LTV

Are you looking for ways to increase customer engagement and grow LTV? Would you like to be able to convert more of your freemium users into paid customers? Are you looking for strategies that will allow you to improve your customer success? In this article, we’re going to share with you how creating a strategic […]

Cloud Workflow Software: 11 Advantages To Increase Your Productivity

Cloud workflow software is rapidly becoming a widely effective staple for improved productivity. While many may assume these types of platforms are just fancy online calendars that have taken the place of the planners and organizers professionals once lived by, there’s actually a bit more to consider before looking the other way.  Imagine having a […]

How Online Training Videos Are Costing You Potential Customers

In the summer of 2017, I was invited to speak at a conference about the success of my eCommerce business. The audience I was speaking to was made up of eCommerce business owners who’d already spend $2,500 for a video-based training course on how to make their companies more successful. As a result of that […]