Flowster’s White Label Partner Program

Lower churn, improve UX, and cut training content and maintenance costs in half

No more how-to wikis…

...And no more videos. Wikis and videos require regular updating and, even then, users struggle to learn from these static training tools. Building and integrating “how-to” workflows allows you to make micro-changes within interactive checklists.

Users learn by doing

When users learn via interactive workflow their training is active and therefore more likely to “stick.” Workflows also make it easy for users to delegate activities to other teammates. This means your product gets put into use across silos and organizations quickly and effectively.

Never become “shelfware”

When users don’t engage your product, subscriptions get canceled. Providing users with interactive training workflows makes it easy for them to log in and use your software. When you update your software, you can push new workflows to key users to get them actively engaged with changes.

Free promotion and affiliate benefits

When you start publishing workflows, new customers will come across your product in the Flowster Marketplace, a public forum open to all Flowster users and discoverable across all of Flowster’s marketing channels. Partners have access to promo materials, performance stats, and support. Plus, you’re eligible to receive commission for Flowster users who upgrade from white label to a paid Flowster account.

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Program Overview

What’s Flowster?

eCommerce workflow management software for managing repeatable processes and interactive workflows and checklists. Flowster comes with eCommerce playbooks created by our team and our partners, making it even easier for users to get started managing vital operating procedures tied to customer growth and digital marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing users with the highest quality of self-guided, onboarding workflow and UX is critical to driving usership and reducing the cost of onboarding and customer support. SaaS companies typically solve this problem by providing wiki’s and video-based training. Not surprisingly, this method is tough to maintain and to track for value.

Workflow software (like Flowster!) makes learning easier by providing users with highly detailed, interactive checklists. Elements of these workflows can be easily updated without recreating entire videos or documents. What’s more, you can track your users progress through onboarding.

As a partner, you can leverage all the workflow management goodness we’ve developed and focus on developing your own software’s features and functionality.

First, become a partner! Then, create a subdomain of your choosing (e.g.: help.yourdomain.com or workflows.yourdomain.com).

Within your partner instance of Flowster, you replace our logo with yours. A small “powered by Flowster” image will remain under your logo. Your partner environment comes with all the functionality available to admin users on https://in.flowster.app.

As a White Label Partner, you get your own private marketplace and pay no fees on the workflows you create for user training and onboarding. If at some point you decide to add paid content, you can add a payment gateway — your own or ours. If you use ours, we pass regular gateway frees on to you (approx 3% of each sale).

You pay us a flat fee of $99/month regardless of how many admins you add or customers use the software to access your training workflows.

If your customers want to edit workflows or access enterprise features of Flowster, they will need to become Flowster customers — but then you get a commission. So the $99/mo you pay for your own Flowster partner instance should start making you money in short order.

(Read more in “How does the Flowster affiliate program work?” or by clicking here for details).

If you’re an eCommerce or digital marketing software provider or platform, you’re eligible to become a Flowster White Label Partner.

We also need you to agree to perform the following activities:

  1. Repurpose your existing new customer on-boarding content into workflows within your partner instance.
  2. Promote your new how-to workflow content in your user email onboarding series, in app tours, etc… We expect you to create a minimum of five workflow templates for the five highest value, most repetitive tasks within your software. (Tip: if your current onboarding links to a “how to” blog post that contains a training video, you’d “convert” that blog post/video into a Flowster workflow template and then point to that template instead of the current blog post/video).
  3. Work closely with us and our CTO to ensure your success by providing feedback, being available for initial calls, etc…

There are two ways your Flowster partnership can make you money:

  1. The affiliate program
  2. The Marketplace

The marketplace is where you host your “how-to” workflows. The essential user onboarding and how-tos should always be free to your users. You might want to develop premium content that your users pay for.  

Who generates the paid content? It could be your marketing or product team or even partners. You can invite anyone you choose to participate in your private workflow marketplace. How you negotiate the sale of workflows to your users is up to you. 

Of course, developing paid content is a bonus and not essential to benefiting from Flowster’s White Label program but it could become a wonderful profit center for you over time.

Your users might want to create their own custom copies of onboarding workflows and tasks related to operating your software. If that’s the case, those users have to become Flowster users, too. 

You get a 40% cut of the revenue your referrals pay us when they sign up for our paid environment (https://in.flowster.app). You make that cut for life. Learn more about our affiliate program here.

Creating a Playbook is easier than you might think. We generally recommend you take your most popular training videos and simply repurpose the content into a Playbook as we have explained here.

In addition to training videos, you probably already have plenty of “how to” blog posts that could be rapidly converted into a workflow checklists.

To see how the software supports creating a Playbook, please watch the video below.