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Landing new wholesale accounts takes a lot of effort. Scaling your Amazon wholesale business is even harder. That's where Flowster comes in...

With our Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems, you can make millions on Amazon!

How we know it works

Our CEO and founder’s wholesale Amazon business did $1.1 million in revenue its first year.

He used his experience to create time-saving, reliable, repeatable systems. They became the foundation of his business and now of Flowster’s eCommerce workflow management software. 

Our enterprise software subscription gives you access to our Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems™ playbook
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Proven Amazon Templates

WEBS removes the guess-work from managing your Amazon account so you can maximize sales efficiently and quickly.

The step-by-step operating procedures outlined in our Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems allow you to successfully manage your own Amazon account — from product prep to promotions — without spending time building and testing processes from scratch.

Take it from WEBS user, Becky Avila who’s transitioning from arbitrage to wholesale.

Powerful Workflow Management

Our eCommerce Workflow Management software makes it easy to customize our proven Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems and delegate tasks so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Flowster also helps you manage and outsource your Amazon sales processes with transparency by providing insight, updates, and an audit trail on your team’s day-to-day tasks.

Take it from WEBS user Dan Meadors who’s a $550K per month seller.

Succeed and Scale

Procedures are the best way to scale your business so why not let us help you scale good ones related to managing the world’s largest eCommerce platform?

From managing PPC campaigns, to product listing, inventory management, shipping, HR, customer review management, and more, WEBS has everything you need to sell more — and quickly.

Take it from WEBS user Josh Lucas who’s a $180K per month seller.

Discover the power of our Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems™ playbook

Increase revenue faster than you ever thought possible with the Wholesale eCommerce Business Systems™ playbook

Flowster is the easiest way to manage your company’s processes in large part because our software comes populated with critical eCommerce Playbooks.

We invested thousands of hours building proven processes to save you time

Product Listing Optimization

Optimized product listings rank better, convert better, and look better and some parts of the product detail page are more important than others. Knowing which areas to focus on is critical.

PPC Campaign Management

Optimized product listings rank better, convert better, and look better and some parts of the product detail page are more important than others. Knowing which areas to focus on is critical.

Manage Product Reviews

Product reviews increase product visibility and revenue, yet many businesses don’t have a good system for managing reviews. With our system, you can easily respond to negative product reviews.

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping products to Amazon is complex and mistakes cost money. Our shipping systems ensure you can easily (and consistently) create error-free inbound shipments to Amazon’s many fulfillment centers.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is critical to profit and loss. Armed with our inventory management system, you can avoid running out of best selling products and ensure inbound shipments are correctly reconciled.

Account Health

A suspended Seller account is one of the most catastrophic things that can happen to your Amazon business. Our account health systems ensure your account is healthy, active, and avoids suspension.

Hire Virtual Assistants

Our systems assume you will want to outsource whatever you can to a virtual team (because we do and it’s a great way to scale business!). We know managing an Amazon Seller Central account can be tedious and labor-intensive so we’ve made it easy for you to delegate.

Discover our proven eCommerce operating procedures for resellers with ambitious growth plans…

Product Sourcing Processes

  • Leaf Sourcing: Finding Competitors
  • Leaf Sourcing: Product Extractions
  • Sourcing: Importing Leads
  • Sourcing: Contacting Suppliers via Email
  • Sourcing: Handling Replies from Potential Suppliers
  • Handling Bounced Emails
  • Configuring your CRM: HubSpot
  • Price Checking a Suppliers Catalog
  • Brand Sourcing : Evaluate a Brands Potential
  • Brand Sourcing: Assigning to a VA
  • Telephone Sourcing: Pre-Call Research Checklist
  • Telephone Sourcing: Calling a Brand Script


  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • Discontinued Products
  • Pre & Post Purchase Order Actions
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • Adding a New Product to Your Catalog

Product Prep

  • How to Print FNSKUs
  • Inbound & Outbound Shipping Workflow
  • Multiple Shipment Checklist
  • Reconciling Inbound & Outbound Shipping Checklists
  • Sending Product from Your Warehouse to Amazon

Supplier Relations

  • MAP Policies
  • MAP Violations 

Review Management

  • Requesting Product Reviews
  • Handling Negative Product Reviews
  • Handling Negative Seller Feedback


  • Creating an Inbound Shipment to Amazon
  • How to Create an LTL Shipment
  • How to Decide to Ship LTL vs SPD
  • Getting a Refund From USPS
  • Supplier Inbound Shipments
  • Removal Orders: Inbound Shipments to Warehouse
  • Dealing with Past Due Shipments

PPC Campaigns

  • Create a New Sponsored Products Campaign in Seller Central
  • Optimize a Sponsored Products Campaign Seller Central
  • Tracking Your PPC Spend

Inventory Management 

  • Inventory Management Procedures
  • Reconciling Inbound Inventory
  • Long Term Storage Fees
  • Product Re-Orders
  • Product Repricing


  • Contract Labor (for Prep Work)
  • Monthly Inventory Tasks
  • Profit First Activities
  • Updating COGS

HR Tasks

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • VA Onboarding
  • VA Holiday & Vacation Days
  • Hiring a VA
  • VA On-boarding
  • Hiring Process (for US Based Employees)
  • Human Resources Pre Employment Screening
  • Human Resources Pre Employment Screening: Checking References
  • VA Holiday and Vacation Days

Product Listing

  • Brand Registry Process
  • Adding a Brand Registered Agent
  • Using the Brand Registry Reporting Violations Tool
  • Merging Listings on Amazon
  • Product Listing Optimizations
  • Updating a Product Listing: Bullets and Product Description
  • Updating a Product Listing: Images
  • Updating a Product Listing: Keywords
  • Creating a Variation with an Upload Document
  • Creating a Variation without an Upload Document

Amazon Related Tasks

  • Daily Account Health
  • Fixing Stranded Inventory
  • Reimbursements and Unfulfillable Inventory
  • Creating a Removal Order
  • Searching for Duplicate Sellers
  • Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program
  • Creating an Amazon Web Address
  • Amazon Promotions
  • Editing Permissions in Seller Central

Frequently Asked Questions

All the WEBS content lives in a software application called Flowster. You will receive an email with instruction on how to sign up for your Flowster account.

You will require only admin enterprise user account and then you can add as many guest accounts as you require for your virtual assistants.

The difference between a Flowster an admin user account and a guest account is that the paid account allows the user to edit Templates and assigned Workflows to other members of your team. Each of these members then only requires a guest account in order for them to view and follow the instructions in the Workflow.

Each Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that is a part of WEBS is called a Template in Flowster. When you need to use a Template, you will then run it as a Workflow that you will assign to either yourself or another person on your team.

On a Workflow you can assigned members, due dates, @mention other people, etc…

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll cover it again in future training videos.

In the video above, Trent talks about WEBS being turn key, and what he means by that is this: IF you choose to use all the same software applications as Trent (and you don’t have to do this), then you would not have to edit any of the SOP templates.

However, if, for example, you prefer to use a different CRM other than Hubspot, you would then have to edit any SOP templates that refer to Hubspot, and instead, customize them to work with whatever CRM you are using.

However, if, for example, you prefer to use a different CRM than Hubspot, you would then have to edit any SOP templates that refer to Hubspot, and instead, customize them to work with whatever CRM you are using.

WEBS was designed to be used as like a menu in a restaurant. If you are there for dinner, you wouldn’t spend all your time reading the breakfast portion of the menu because that would be a complete waste of time, right?

Instead, when it is dinner time, you focus your attention on the dinner section and then select the meal you desire.

WEBS functions the same way. It is not meant to be read from end to end.

If you attempt do read all of WEBS from start to finish, not only will you have wasted a ton of time, but you will very likely feel overwhelmed as a result because WEBS contains a large number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The magic of WEBS is that it provides you with an SOP for virtually every aspect of your business.

If you are focused on sourcing new products, the only section you need to use is the product sourcing section – and even then, you don’t need to read it from start to finish.

Remember, WEBS is not a training course.

Instead, WEBS is a collection of SOPs that have been designed to be used as you need each one. When you use one, you simply assign it to a member of your team. Once they receive the notification that you have assigned the SOP (we call it a workflow) to them, they will read the instructions and perform the task to completion.

It is that simple!

Yes, as we improve our SOPs, we will share the updated versions with customers.

Our business processes live in a web application called Flowster and you will need the paid version of this app. The version that is $15/mo is all you will need. When you sign up, you will receive a special sign up link for Flowster.

Here are the applications we use. Note that many of the are optional and you can succeed without them.

Apps for Product Sourcing

  • HubSpot CRM (this is critical and the free version will do)
  • JungleScout Chrome Extension (this is critical and the Lite version will do) – $97 one-time fee
  • Viral Launch (this is optional as it does much the same as Junglescout)
  • Price Checker 2 (this is critical and you will need the Unlimited version) – $69/mo
  • Gmass Chrome Extension (this is optional and you’ll need the Premium version) – $19.95/mo
  • RevSeller Chrome Extension (this isn’t critical, but will save you more than enough time to justify the $99/year fee)
  • LinkedIn (this isn’t absolutely critical because when reaching out to the company, you can simply use their or address)
  • Snovio Chrome Extension (this isn’t absolutely critical because when reaching out to the company, you can simply use their or address) – $19/mo

Apps for Managing PPC Campaigns

In the beginning, it is not critical that you run PPC campaigns so the software below is completely optional

  • Teikametrics (only necessary if you are going to be managing a lot of Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns).

Apps for Managing Inventory, Re-Orders, and tracking sales

  • Seller Legend (this is a critical part of our daily workflow for all existing products, inventory management, tracking sales & profitability, etc…You can get buy with the Starter version) – $49.99/mo

Misc Apps

  • HowMany? (this app is optional and it makes it super easy to determine how much inventory competitive sellers have for a given product. HUGE time saver)
  • (this app is optional and only required when you have too many products to manage the prices manually)
  • Zonmaster (this is the application that we use to email our buyers to ask them to leave product reviews. You can use most any review app you prefer)
  • Xero (this is our accounting application and it is what we use to create purchase orders)

There will be two ways to get support; from Flowster’s support team and from our support team. Who you should contact will depend on the type of issue you are having.

If you are having a technical issue with the Flowster platform, you should contact their support desk.

If you have a question about a given checklist (you’re not sure how to use it, etc…), then you should contact our support desk. For a faster response, we’d also suggest you post your question to the discussion forum as you’re likely to get help from other users in short period of time.

All customers receive free email support with a guaranteed response time of one business day.

You can always change from monthly to yearly to benefit from savings. 

You can try our software risk free for 30 days. If you are not happy with WEBS, simply cancel.

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