Improve Your eCommerce KPIs Month After Month

Flowster's process management software takes the risk and the pain out of scaling your team, so you can hit your KPIs every single month.

Your company is growing quickly, and the never-ending pressure to hit your KPI’s is keeping you awake at night.

Your CAC is climbing, your AOV isn’t high enough, and your LTV is too low.

And worst of all, your leadership team expects more from you.

What are you going to do?

You can hire more people, but without processes in place, that is going to be expensive, not to mention risky.

But what if you could de-risk the hiring process?

De-Risk The Hiring Process

(this is the secret to getting your budget approved)

The secret to getting your budget for new hires approved is to de-risk hiring new employees.

The way to do that is to have all of your processes so well-defined that even your mother could do the work.

This is where Flowster’s process management software shines!

Armed with either pre-made SOP templates (that can be customized), or templates that are fully customized from the get-go (we can do this for you), your new hires will be fully equipped to perform the work you needed them to, right from day one!

Say goodbye to lengthy training periods and bad hires.

Flowster is here to help!

Get Custom Made Process Templates

It’s widely known that enterprise relies heavily on well-documented business processes to ensure consistent execution across the organization.

But what if you aren’t an enterprise with an endless supply of technical writers and resources?

The solution is simple: Flowster’s process management software + our “done for you” SOP Concierge service.

Browse Our Playbook Marketplace

From day one, we realized that while other founders clearly understood the value of playbooks, very few of them could afford the time needed to create them from scratch.

To solve this problem, we created our playbook marketplace.

Currently filled with hundreds of templates, our marketplace gives you access to pre-made templates that will save you the endless hours it would take to create your own processes from scratch.

Use Flowster to make training & delegation easier than ever

Follow a proven process

When it comes to getting more done, there is nothing better than having a proven process to show you the exact steps you need to take.

You now know HOW to do something, but what if you don’t personally have the bandwidth?

To make it dead-simple to delegate work to new people on your team, Flowster’s workflow interface makes it super easy to assign work to any member of your team.

Once that work has been assigned, all your team member needs to do is work their way through the highly-detailed checklist, step by step by step.

Voila! Work gets assigned to team. Work gets done correctly. It’s almost like magic!

Onboard new employees faster

With proven playbooks for every aspect of employee onboarding and training, bringing new employees and virtual assistants up to speed has never been easier.

Access to Flowster’s ever-expanding library of fully customizable workflow templates and business playbooks will allow you to simply select the process you need, assign the workflow, and get on with your day.

Can’t find a process for exactly what you need? Create your own in minutes using our highly-intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Improve collaboration

Collaboration with your team is vital, and Flowster was built from the ground up to make collaboration as easy and efficient as possible.

When working their way through a given workflow checklist, team members can easily start a discussion thread about a given step of that workflow simply by @mentioning relevant team members.

In addition to embedded conversations, Flowster makes it easy for team members to assign each other tasks, set due dates, and upload files to the workflow they’re working on.

This keeps everyone in the loop – and your business running at peak efficiency.

Keep all workflows up-to-date

In a rapidly growing small business, change is the only constant, and thanks to Flowster’s “magic button”, any time you make a change to your workflow template, Flowster will ask you if you would also like to update all the active workflows that are based on that template.

Simply select Yes Please! and every member of your team will be instantly working from the very latest version of your workflow template.

No more manually copying and pasting the same bits of updated content, (one by one) across all your internal or client-facing processes!

Now the only thing you have to do is figure out what to do with all the time you just saved!

Schedule recurring workflows

With so much on your plate every day, it’s pretty easy to forget to schedule your quarterly planning, employee performance reviews, tax filings, KPI reviews, and so much more.

Thanks to Flowster’s workflow scheduling engine, it takes less than 20 seconds to create a recurring schedule for whatever workflow(s) you like.

Plus, you can assign these recurring workflows to any member(s) of your team that you like… all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve already changed the lives of thousands of Flowster users.

Why not yours?

Flowster is the easiest way to manage your company’s processes. Take advantage of our premade Playbooks.

What you choose to do is a PREFERENCE.
If several people in a group start to do it, it is a PRACTICE.
When you write it down and keep it up to date, you now have a PROCESS.

Processes are auditable. Other people should be able to recreate the same results following the process as you would have.

Other features

Workflow Scheduling

For those upcoming or recurring tasks, you can setup Workflow schedules. Assign them to whomever is responsible, and even set a due date.

Audit Trail

Accountability is key. Every activity your team performs is tracked, so it’s easy to look back and see who did what & when.

Email Reminders

When you have tasks that are upcoming, or past due, Flowster will send you an email notification to ensure your team stays on schedule.

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