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Join us on our bootstrapped journey to $100,000 in monthly revenue

Here's our progress towards our goal of $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue. (started fall 2020)

$11,500 11%

Over the year ahead, I’m focused on one goal: to hit $100K in MRR. As I navigate my way towards this goal, I’m going to be giving other founders a behind-the-scenes look into everything that we are doing to get there.  If that sounds interesting to you, I would be thrilled to have you come and be a part of the journey. To do that, please subscribe (below) and join the new Facebook community I’ve created.

Why join? 

Here’s a few benefits:

  1. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just copy what is working for me.
  2. You’ll get early access to all the playbooks and SOPs that I publish along the way.
  3. You’ll learn new things and meet other cool people!
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